Emerald Hymns

Original liturgical music made for the glory of God.



"Be My Treasure" is a song I wrote for my church based on Luke 12:32-35. There aren't many hymns or songs that talk of giving our time and resources to others. When discussing texts to inspire songs for our church, my pastor suggested this passage from Luke. The passage teaches us that the Father's gracious generosity is a great gift and Jesus encourages his followers to give freely and joyfully back to others in this same manner. Our only treasure that will last is in heaven and by singing it, we are reminded and encouraged to share and give what we have while we're on earth.

I sent this scripture to my friend Gabriel St. John who is a gifted writer and asked if he could write lyrics based on it. He sent me back some lyrics and I started writing music to it. We sent drafts back and forth to each other and then to my pastor for some theological feedback. All in all, it was a more collaborative effort than a lot of songs I've written and I'm happy with the result. Musically, I was inspired by bands like The War on Drugs, Rilo Kiley, and Death Cab for Cutie when I started getting the melody and chord progression.

I hope that other churches are able to use this song and that it helps the body of Christ to see Jesus as our ultimate treasure, encouraging us to open our hands and give to others with love.